Thanks for visiting my little site!

For those of you who are having trouble sleeping - here's a bit about me and my photography...

I had an interest in photography from an early age and once I realised I was way too slow (amongst other things) to make my millions playing professional football I set out to get a job as a sports photographer. I got a job as a photographer on local paper, and in my spare time shot sports for one of the countrys top sports agencies.

However, once the digital revolution hit, I saw the financial meltdown starting to happen and decided to pack my bags and go travelling, selling all my lovely range of top quality lenses to fund it.

I always maintained the interest in photography, and after a few years of saving up I have managed to get a reasonable set of gear together, and am using it to provide a few personal memories, enjoying spending time both underwater and sat out in all weathers watching wildlife. All photos (apart from my dogs!) are of wild animals - I have nothing against photographing captive animals, but I just enjoy the challenge of getting close enough to the non-domesticated beasties.

Thats about it really.

I don't actively sell my work - I'll leave that to the people whose livelihood relies on it (and those better than me), but if you want to use any of my photos please contact me and we can discuss a fee. I don't believe in giving work away for free unless it's for a very good cause.

My current gear -
Sony A1


90mm macro


Nauticam underwater housing with Retra strobes, WWL-1B and SMC-1